• i love u karim

  • happy to be with my wonderful love Assiya happily married to her

  • Anonymous

    i love you karimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so much babe
    ure beloved wife assiya

  • yes babe as you thinking I sharing you same things ; and all what I want of you just to be happy and smile ; enjoy ; fun ; and I am between your hand saying you you are free and freely you can to do things when you come to me like you are in usa ; no one can saying you ( must or should ; could ; if were you ; ) never ; because I know sidi sliman and there cities like village have them few waters ; also they are customary about one meals as you said tea and bread ; and I hate this rituals ; I live different ; you will see all things by your eyes ; I can make with you some things in the kitchen also help you clean house ; at the morning I wake up early before to you wake up I going wash my face I will going to the kitchen to make you some coffe after I get up you I will kiss you and I start dye your nails but which colour you love to puting on your nails ? you will living with me many things you were not have you ever been live it with any person ; so again love ; trust ; makes life without problems I love you assiya walah walah and welcome I am very waiting you ardently

  • hhhhhhhhhhhh busy ? never with who I talk ? with who lost my time babe ? no one deserve my time just you alone my life establish for you I love you my gem